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Positive Changes in Placement

Positive Changes in Placement is a campaign set up in memory of Harrison De George, who passed away from suicide in December 2020. This campaign, set up by his sister Isabella De George, aims to work with universities to strengthen their suicide prevention strategies  placement students.

Harrison was 23 years old and studying his PGCE to become a secondary education maths teacher in Manchester. He already had an MSc in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Manchester. Harrison was such an intelligent, funny and passionate man, and he genuinely lit up the room. He was a huge advocate for other peoples mental health, but sadly wasn't able to receive the support he required or speak up enough about his own mental health. 

Positive Changes in Placement is working with universities on four key areas: their un-notified absence policy; having an accessible placement student handbook with appropriate language and signposting; check in and forum support for those on placement; and formal mental health training for academic staff. We are working with both universities directly, but also creating UK wide guidance with Universities UK. 

Positive Changes in Placement is also pushing the government to review legislation that governs universities, to ensure they are being held accountable for their students. 

However, this campaign isn't just about policies and working with agencies. We are also aiming to reduce the stigma around male suicide and change the language used in suicide. 

Most importantly, this campaign is aiming for one less person to feel as Harrison felt.

Please take a look at the Media and Collaborations pages to see what has been achieved since the launch of this campaign in February 2021. Thank you all for taking an interest in this campaign, this is for you H x

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Positive Changes in Placement is run by Isabella De George, Harrison's older sister. By day she is a children's nurse working in London, and in her spare time works on the PCIP campaign.

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